Missions of Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA)

BDA’s central mission is actively to represent business interests in the field of social policy.

BDA engages in the work of committees at national, European and international level, in expert hearings, in social insurance self-administration bodies, as coordinator and counsellor in member federations’ collective negotiations and as a mediator in public debate. This embraces a high responsibility also for the common good, which excludes one-sided interest representation.

BDA is a discussion partner for its members, the general public, German government and German parliament on all issues linked to social and pay policy, labour law, education personnel and society policy including European and international social policy.

BDA organises and moderates the cross-sectoral and country-wide consensus between its members.

In some cases, differences and conflicts of interest have to be taken into account and reconciled. An understanding of the need for solidarity contributes to building a shared will. Decisions supported by the common have a special weight in the political debate as the voice and expression of opinions by the business community as a whole. Business people and federation executives bring their expertise and their experience into committees and working groups. In close cooperation between companies, company executives and experts from member federations as well as from BDA, a shared business vision of social and society policy is developed by professionals drawing on their practical experience.

BDA collates the opinions of its members and is their mouthpiece.
BDA experts prepare positions on macroeconomic analyses, provide assistance with legal questions and contribute to ongoing development of legislation.