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  • ArbeitgeberBibliothek

    The Arbeitgeberbibliothek is a service provided by the GDA which offers marketing services for German employers and organizations in which employers are organized. On this particular online-based platform you have access to labour-protecting laws which every employer has to post. Here you can find also many other series of publications which are published by the BDA. First and foremost all publications that you can find on the homepage are targeting the interests of personnel that is working in the Human Resources Department or the labour law Department. The purpose is to provide information that is helpful for the use of new law directives in everyday business life.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Deutschen Bildungswerke

    This federation brings together the training institutes run by regional associations of employer and business federations of all German Länder. It is a forum for coordinating and organising service offers and events across regional borders. ADBW is a focus for exchange of information and maintains contacts with institutions and organisations at national level, in Europe and in the world outside Europe.
  • Arbeitsgerichtsverband

    This federation has set itself the task of promoting labour legislation and labour jurisdiction. To that end, labour courts should be involved in the practice and teaching of labour legislation, in particular through an ongoing exchange of ideas and experience.
  • BDI

    BDI is the leading organisation in the area of industrial firms and industrial service providers. As an interest representative, for industry, BDI helps its members to form opinions and reach decisions. It offers information for all areas of economic policy. In this way, BDI supports companies in the intensive competition that globalisation brings with it. With its 38 member federations, it represents the interests of more than 100,000 companies employing more than 8 million people.
  • Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft SchuleWirtschaft

    SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT is a voluntary cooperative venture in the form of a network – with a long tradition. SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT initiates and shapes dialogue and cooperation between schools and business. The network promotes economic education, enables teachers and students to gather knowledge about the world of business and work.

    BUSINESSEUROPE is the official mouthpiece of more than 20 million small, medium-sized and large firms and businesses in European affairs. Its members are 40 industrial and employer associations in 34 countries. Its objective is to bring about more growth and competitiveness in Europe.
  • GDA Kommunikation

    The “GDA Kommunikation – Gesellschaft für Marketing und Service der Deutschen Arbeitgeber“ is a subsidiary of the BDA. It offers services to the following: Associations in which employers are organized, companies and institutions. The services include the fields Corporate Design and communication in print and online publications. Furthermore, the GDA is specialized on communication through events. An example for this is the organization of the German Employers’ Day for which the GDA also answers all upcoming questions.
  • Gesellschaft der Deutschen Wirtschaft zur Förderung und Zertifizierung von Qualitätssicherungssystemen in der Beruflichen Bildung mbH

    This company certifies quality on behalf of leading German business federations, in particular certification of educational institutes in accordance with the internationally accepted quality standard ISO 9001.
  • Industrie-Pensions-Verein e.V

    For over 85 years, this industry pensions union has provided members – now numbering more than 400,000 – with individual and neutral advice on pension provision issues as well as on attractive financial advantages.
  • Initiative Ludwig-Erhard-Preis

    The purpose of this initiative is annual award and presentation of the Ludwig Erhard prize and grants which help to achieve top performances in competition in all sectors of the German economy, in public administrations/establishments, academia and other institutions.