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  • Bachelor welcome!

    Business unambiguously supports the introduction of bachelor courses in universities. In so doing, it expressly sets out to counter any doubts about the willingness of companies to employ graduates with a bachelor degree.

  • CSR Germany

    CSR Germany ( is in the CSR internet portal of the German business community. It is supported by business federations Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA) and Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI).

    CSR Germany
  • Diversity charter

    The “diversity charter” is a fundamental commitment to fairness and an appreciation of individuals in companies. By signing the charter, companies undertake to create a work environment which is free from prejudice and exclusion.

    Diversity charter
  • Employer prize for education

    With the support of Deutsche Telekom AG, the German employer prize for education worth 10,000 euro is awarded annually and presented in the framework of the German Employer Day.

  • Experience is the future

    The “experience is the future” initiative seeks to highlight the perspectives of an ageing society and jointly to bring forward the necessary changes.

    Experience is the futuret
  • For a modern labour market order

    In July 2007 BDA put in place a committee comprising academics, practitioners and federation representatives who spent one year developing the necessary avenues towards a modern labour market order.

  • Initiative D21

    Initiative D21 is Europe’s largest partnership between policy-makers and business people for the information society. It consists of a cross-party and industry-wide network of 200 member companies and institutions as well as political partners at national, regional and local level. Its goal is to shape the digital society with forward-looking projects which serve the common good and to ensure that Germany is successful as a society and as an economy in the digital world of the 21st century.

    Initiative D21
  • Initiative for employment

    The “initiative for employment” has set itself the goal of creating new, tailored solutions for improving the employment situation at regional and national level.

    Initiative for employment
  • MINT the future

    “MINT the future” covers all initiatives and activities by companies and their representative organisations to attract more employees with qualifications in the disciplines of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology (MINT).

    MINT the future
  • Provision for old age gains acceptance

    In light of the need for greater provision for old age, BDA supports the campaign “Provision for old age gains acceptance”. The campaign is also supported by the German government, the German federation of adult education centres, the German pension insurance industry, the German consumer association and the German trade union confederation.

    Provision for old age gains acceptance